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    Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction

    When you are dealing with male infertility or sexual dysfunction, you need a provider you can trust to be understanding and knowledgeable about your issues, as well as respectful of your privacy and feelings. This is what you get at Novant Health Urology Partners.

    Male infertility and sexual dysfunction are common issues among men of all ages. Illnesses, injuries and certain lifestyle factors can contribute to these conditions.

    If you have been trying to conceive a child for more than a year, or if sexual intercourse is painful, or if you have difficulty achieving an erection or ejaculating, a visit to a urologist could be beneficial. 

    Our office offers diagnostic testing including:

    • Semen analysis
    • Sperm function testing
    • Hormone testing
    • Ultrasounds of the scrotum or prostate

    Possible treatments include medications, counseling or surgical procedures.


    A vasectomy is a procedure to permanently prevent sperm from being ejaculated. During this minimally invasive procedure, the tubes that carry sperm are severed and sealed.

    Most men are able to resume normal activity just days after a vasectomy. Call our office at 910-721-4150 to schedule a consultation to learn more about this procedure.